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Hospital Assets and Patient Tracking made easy

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RadarFindKnow exactly where to find the equipment you need with RadarFind. Your computer screen displays all the IV pumps, wheelchairs, or any equipment in the hospital that have a unique RFID tag. RadarFind even shows the equipment status - clean and available for use, in use with a patient, or needs cleaning.

RadarFind's Asset Tracking system is a real-time system that monitors the location and status of medical equipment throughout the hospital. Mobile medical devices are essential tools for delivering care, but they can't always be located in a timely, reliable, and cost-effective manner, resulting in:

  • Delays in admission and transfer of patients
  • Delays in delivery of patient care
  • Increased capital expenditures in an attempt to compensate
  • Reduced hospital efficiency

With the RadarFind system, the hospital benefits from:

  • Better equipment utilization
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Increased quality of care
  • Decreased healthcare delivery costs
  • Improved patient safety
  • Reduced cost of compliance
  • Improved JCAHO compliance

RadarFind's real time Asset Tracking System not only tracks and locates devices but provides their status. The RadarFind tag has a change of status indicator with 3 positions. The default positions are Available, In Use, and Needs Cleaning.

Information is available through any browser equipped device.


The RadarFind system uses unique technology that capitalizes on the benefits learned from early systems such as RFID and WiFi, but without their technological limitations. The RadarFind system requires no new wiring, no wall penetration and most importantly no costly disruption of a facility's operation. RadarFind's readers are easily installed within minutes even while a patient is in the room.

The RTLS system by RadarFind has significant competitive advantages in technology resulting in a lower cost of installation. RadarFind has filed a number of patent applications covering system architecture, communications protocols, and tag design. Certain innovative components, firmware, and functions are considered trade secrets and are important differentiating factors for RadarFind.

The RadarFind RTLS is the only system in the market with the following unique benefits at a very competitive cost:

  • Non-disruptive installation (gets installed while the patient is in the room)
  • Coverage for entire facility
  • Status tags
  • Longest battery life in the industry
  • Tamper-resistant base with multiple mounting options
  • Telemetry monitoring
  • No interference with any WiFi networks
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