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Will your next stethoscope run on LINUX?

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[ Rhythm Reloaded ] is a team of four senior electrical and computer engineering students at Calvin College.

The team is designing an electronic stethoscope that will:

  • Stream real-time audio from a wireless chestpiece
  • Record high-quality audio data from a patient's body
  • Store this audio data in a convenient format
  • Use a USB interface to transfer the audio files to a computer
  • Reduce the amount of ambient noise that a doctor hears
  • Be simple, accurate, and easy to use!
electronic stethoscope

The team is using µClinux as the device operating system. µClinux is a very small (1 MB) open-source Linux operating system that will run from flash memory. Das U-Boot, an open-source project, is being used as the device bootloader because it is highly customizable and has a small code footprint.

 electronic stethoscope

The Project Proposal: An Electronic Stethoscope

  • stethoscope will record audio from patient’s body and store it as an MP3 audio file
  • audio files can be stored for a patient’s file, can be used for education purposes, can be emailed to a colleague for a second opinion, or can be listened to on the stethoscope at a later time
  • stethoscope will connect to computer with USB for easy transfer of audio files
  • ambient and background noises will be reduced for clear listening
  • durable, ergonomic housing of stethoscope will be designed to be clipped to a belt
  • housing will be approximately the size and weight of an iPod media player
  • high-quality headphones will connect to the housing of the stethoscope with a standard headphone jack
  • display will show calculated heart beat, possibly heart beat waveform
  • stethoscope will have volume control, mute, and auto power-off
  • three listening modes will be available: bell, diaphragm, and extended
  • the stethoscope will be powered with AA batteries, or other low power sources
  • target price for the stethoscope is approximately $200
  • stethoscope will be latex and lead-free

 More information can be found here

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