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6 terabytes of medical images and high quality 3-D animations

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ArchieMDArchieMD Inc. produces scientifically accurate animated and interactive health and science content designed to educate students, health professionals and general consumers alike. Utilizing the age-old adage a "picture is worth a thousand words," ArchieMD employs state-of-the-art 3-D animation and computer graphics to simplify concepts with visual explanations. The company also creates interactive platforms that allow users to explore material in an engaging manner which stimulates learning through a hands-on approach. Our content includes an expansive body of work consisting of life sciences, human anatomy and physiology, as well as the onset, diagnosis and treatment of most major medical conditions.

Comprising six terabytes of electronic data, the library consists of several thousand images and high quality 3-D animations.

Health Science Education Digital Media Publications
ArchieMD health and science animations are widely used throughout the United States as a key visual adjunct to several major health and science education textbooks. The works are also published internationally in England, France and soon to be published in Germany.

Pharmaceutical Training and Marketing
ArchieMD was selected by Johnson & Johnson to create a CD-ROM used to educate healthcare practitioners on the indications for Levaquin in the treatment of community acquired pneumonia. The content included medical simulation graphics as well as didactic information on community acquired pneumonia and Levaquin.

Secondary Science Education Digital Media Publications
ArchieMD licenses its visual content to leading secondary school publishers for science and health education. Our current subject matter includes biology, health, and drug education. Plans to expand into other areas of curriculum are in development.


Online Courses
ArchieMD was commissioned to create over 300 3-D animations and 1,000 still images for Elsevier's Anatomy and Physiology On-Line Course. ArchieMD was chosen for its state-of-the-art graphics capabilities as well as its unsurpassed medical credibility.

Medical Device Education
ArchieMD was selected to create a 3-D visualization of the structure and function of a complex breast biopsy device by the physician that developed it. We were chosen for our ability to create compelling visual 3-D animation coupled with our medical expertise.

Interactive clinical training simulation software
ArchieMD developed interactive training software that simulates the presentation, diagnosis and treatment of many major medical conditions. The program piloted in several of the nation’s leading medical centers and promises to revolutionize training for such health professionals as nurses, medical technicians, paramedics, and physicians.

Drug Education
ArchieMD is committed to applying interactive visual technology to Drug Education for both school aged children as well as adults. Working closely with national experts on Drug Abuse, ArchieMD created an interactive module on the psychological and health effects of cocaine and will develop a comprehensive resource to include all major substances of abuse.

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