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Universal ECG? Portable PC-Based 12-Lead ECG

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Universal ECGThe FDA-approved Universal ECG portable PC-based ECG is the most compact and precise PC-based ECG on the market. It connects directly to most desktop PCs, laptops and Pocket PCs running Microsoft® Windows® XP or 2000 and performs resting ECG anytime, anywhere. EKG results are displayed on the computer screen for rapid assessment.
DRE distributes the Universal ECG at a price that is less expensive than most standalone EKG machines. The Universal ECG provides additional cost savings upon use: It allows physicians to print EKG reports on standard computer paper, reducing thermal paper costs by as much as $700 per year. The Universal ECG also requires no calibration or annual maintenance and it draws all power from the PC, eliminating battery costs.

DRE claims that the Universal ECG is the smallest, lightest and most accurate PC-based ECG on the market. It allows you to perform resting ECG anytime, anywhere with unparalleled ease-of-use.

The Universal ECG includes everything you need to start testing. Simply connect to your favorite PC, laptop or handheld and you are ready to begin. Results are displayed on-screen for quick assessment.

A full set of diagnostic measurements are automatically interpreted by the advanced Louvaine Algorithm. Connect via CF/PC Card Slot, Serial or USB port.

Universal ECG 

The Universal ECG saves you money and increases your efficiency:

  • Save as much as $700/year by printing to your Windows® based printer. Never buy thermal paper again!

  • No batteries needed: All power is drawn from the PC, which eliminates unnecessary costs of disposable or rechargeable batteries.

  • Reduce storage and courier costs by creating PDFs and JPEGs that you can save on your hard-drive and email instantly.
  • Doesn’t require calibration or annual maintenance

  • Less expensive than traditional stand-alone EKG machines

About the Accuracy:

The Universal ECG uses the Louvaine analysis program. In 1991, clinical researchers evaluated nine popular ECG algorithms compared to eight cardiologists relative to a standardized database of ECG tracings. The Louvaine algorithm had the best total accuracy of all the algorithms (77.3%) evaluated. It was also the best in correctly diagnosing Myocardial Infarction (82.1%) and the second best in diagnosing Ventricular Hypertrophy, which were both better than the respective combined scores of the eight cardiologists.

Additional features:

  • Automatic narrative interpretation and measurement analysis using the advanced Louvaine Algorithm, which has the best total accuracy when compared to leading competitors

  • Print clear, full page reports on standard plain paper in portrait, landscape or A4

  • Review and zoom into data with electronic calipers, enter comments and modify the interpretation before confirming the results

  • Instantly create PDFs or JPEGs of the final report

  • Seamlessly integrate ECG data into your EMR via XML, HL7 and other formats

  • Available in a six-channel non-interpretive version

More information can be found here
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