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EasyViz adds complete mobility to any PACS and EMR

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EasyVizEasyViz is an Image Distribution System providing the market’s most versatile clinical image viewer.
EasyViz works with any modern PACS archive and EMR system – directly, there is no need to push or replicate data. Just point EasyViz at your archives and go mobile.
EasyViz is based on advanced adaptive streaming and ultra-thin clients which allows access to images and reports: Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device, Inside or Outside the Hospital Enterprise. Simply connect using a PC, laptop or mobile device and start working as if at your regular workstation.
Even 3D reconstructions of the largest CT scans appear in seconds.

What is unique?

The EasyViz system from Medical Insight is unique in the industry by providing full and unlimited features for analyzing patient image data while providing access to such tools and data on virtually any device over any type of network, including wireless and mobile connections - all done with complete security and with a focus on simplicity of use. The system integrates with all PACS archives – directly and with no data duplication. EasyViz thus increases the effectiveness of many aspects of a healthcare enterprise – throughput, quality of care, and the leverage of resources.
The EasyViz solution succeeds by using Adaptive Streaming technology to give Ultra Thin Clients access to the power of centralized servers (which use non-proprietary and commercial off-the-shelf hardware).

Access In seconds to full-Fidelity DICOM image quality - anytime, anywhere on any device (PC, laptop, handheld device)
Functionality All clinical funtionalities, including complete 2D and 3D tools
Speed Worflow-based and simplicity focused
Training 20 minutes of end-user training  
Scalability Standard PC hardware, highly scalable server
Security 100 percent secure access
Integration Integrates seamlessly and without a data cache with different PACS systems, EMR applications  and patient portals
Installation 1 day
Support Zero footprint client, no support on client devices is required
ROI High ROI based on improved workflow

Clinical Benefits


Instant access to images and patient information, independent of location or device type, was the key objective behind the design of the EasyViz system. No more pre-fetching and no more downloading of huge data sets – actions that in the past have prevented clinicians from providing care whenever and wherever needed. Today clinicians simply connect on any device, go mobile, and start working as if at their desk.
As PACS archives and patient data repositories become consolidated, and the deployment of EMR systems increases, so does demand increase for easy and mobile access to medical data.  

Images Full-fidelity images and complete analysis functions including all required 2D and 3D tools
Quality DICOM-quality data on all devices - no compression or loss of resolution
Workflow Supports the nomadic work of clinicians
Access In seconds - anytime, anywhere on any PC, laptop or mobile device
Remote access Any size reconstruction in seconds via remote and secure internet access
PACS Access to images and reports from all PACS archives across enterprises or regions
Telemedicine Full support for telemedicine and telecollaboration functionalities
Ease-of-use 20 minutes of training is sufficient for most users
Integration Full integration with EMR applications, patient portals, and legacy systems

Technical benefits


EasyViz is based on adaptive streaming technology, ultra-thin clients and server-side computing. All examinations reside on the server – no need for any transfer of data. It takes only seconds to download and install the client application to any desktop or mobile device.
This architecture has basically removed the need for any client-side service or support.  

Image cache No image cache or data replication
Integration Direct integration with any PACS archive
Adaptive streaming Access the power of server-side computing
Security No image transfer to clients, fully encrypted connections, and compliance with all regulations
Sign-on Single sign-on authentification - no need for duplicate access control
Deployment Easy - 1,5 Mb footprint ultra-thin client
Support No maintenance, no support or administrative privileges needed on the client-side
Devices Any PC, laptop or mobile device can be a client
Standards Based on open standards
Connectivity Integrates with EMR applications, healthcare portals, and third-party applications
Scalability The system is highly and linear scalable


More information can be found here

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