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Dragon Naturally Speaking MedicalToday, healthcare facilities are seeking solutions that allow them to ensure appropriate high-cost exam ordering, more efficiently deliver results, improve communication between physicians, and analyze years of data to improve their practice. Moreover, they are looking for ways to harness the power of existing IT infrastructures.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical speech recognition software instantly transcribes clinical dictation on a PC - instant medical transcription.  Medical professionals can dictate directly into a PC or any Nuance®-certified digital recorder or PDA.  Create your own documents on the spot or send your recorded dictation to be transcribed elsewhere. Experience the benefits of reduced costs and turnaround time over manual transcription.  Integrated with virtually all electronic health record applications, Dragon Naturally Speaking makes using these applications fast and effortless. Plus, built-in network deployment tools simplify the use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking from any PC in the organization.  Includes comprehensive, customizable medical specialty vocabularies, and a noise-canceling headset microphone.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9 lets physicians navigate any Windows® or Citrix® based EMR system using voice commands to navigate, dictate progress notes, e-prescribe medication and access test results. By eliminating click-intensive navigation through menus, physicians readily embrace EMR systems, dramatically accelerating EMR adoption across a health system.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical

The benefits of speech-enabled EMR systems include:

  • dramatically reduced transcription expense
  • improved patient care via complete documentation and faster results delivery
  • reduction in time spent documenting care
  • increased cash flow and revenue by the near-immediate completion of the patient note

The Medical Bundle includes Professional Version plus Trigram Specialty Specific Medical Vocabulary. This has 35,000 word Medical vocabulary but you choose the specialty. 20,000 General Medical terms & 15,000 Medical terms for a specific specialty. It has about 18,000 more terms relevant to a single specialty compared to other versions. 40 templates also included.

Dragon makes EMRs easy to use, by significantly reducing the number of mouse clicks and typing required by clinicians to document care. It seamlessly drives all major EMR systems including those from Allscripts™, Epic, Misys®, GE® Healthcare, NextGen®, McKesson®, and Eclipsys®, to name just a few.

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