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Instant access critical medical data over the air

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AirStrip OBSERVER SuiteThe AirStrip OBSERVER SuiteTM offers mobile solutions that give doctors the ability to access critical medical data on a mobile device anywhere they have a cell phone connection. By providing this type of anytime, anywhere access, the AirStripTM products greatly increase patient safety, improve communication among caregivers and mitigate risk for hospitals, doctors and patients. The AirStripTM core data transmission engine facilitates the transfer of real-time, medical waveform data to a Cell Phone (Smartphone) or PDA over a cell phone network. The AirStripTM technology is patent pending and FDA cleared. The technology is currently marketed in the US with the AirStrip OBTM solution strategic partners as a remote surveillance solution in the hospital labor and delivery environment. The AirStripTM technology was developed by AirStrip TechnologiesTM, a San Antonio, Texas based company which specializes in the development of mobile and remote surveillance applications that increase patient safety, improve communication among caregivers and mitigate risk for hospitals, doctors and patients.


The AirStrip OBSERVER SuiteTM positively impacts a wide range of individuals within a healthcare organization. Depending on your role within the organization, these products impact the healthcare environment by:

  • Improved Patient Safety
  • Improved Communication among Caregivers
  • Mitigation of Risk associated with interpretation between onsite nurses and offsite physicians
  • Real-time access to critical waveform data (fetal heart tracings, ECG's, Rhythm strips, Ventilator waveforms, etc.)
  • Secure transmission of patient data
  • Reliability
  • Remote Access via a cell phone connection

AirStrip OBSERVER SuiteThe AirStripTM technology alleviates the key technological barriers of today’s mobile device platforms. There are several key challenges which prevent mission critical applications and solutions from working reliably and effectively on Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PCs, Smartphones and other portable Windows devices). These challenges include the following:

  • Intermittent/slow connection speeds over cell-phone networks
  • Cumbersome logon steps to establish a secure logon (2-factor authentication)
  • Reduced hardware resources (i.e. slow processors, low memory, low storage)
  • Limited battery life
  • Requirements to work offline/disconnected from the network
  • Need for data synchronization/replication
  • Miniature screen size compared to desktop PCs
  • Lack of remote administration/technical support capabilities
  • Difficulty rolling out new updates/fixes

AirStripTM overcomes all of these obstacles by providing a rich set of synergistic “services” with security, scalability, and reusability which is central to the design.

At the core of the AirStripTM technology is a patent pending, highly secure, state-of-the-art compression algorithm that has opened the doorway for a variety of applications that utilize and transfer large datasets. This proprietary algorithm enables these mobile applications to now run extremely fast and efficiently on a variety of Mobile devices over even the slowest cell-phone networks. Furthermore, AirStripTM compression technology can be applied to any type of data, whether it contains waveforms, textual data, images, or virtually any other type of data.

Built from scratch using the Microsoft .NET framework, AirStripTM technology goes far beyond just compression algorithms. From diagnostic gathering and “Auto Update” capabilities to custom multi-threaded GDI user interface controls, AirStripTM technology provides time-proven functionality that delivers real value, solving the key challenges previously identified.

AirStrip OBSERVER SuiteUnlike typical “application frameworks” that require structural application changes and create complex interdependencies, AirStripTM technology is service oriented. This allows for a loose coupling approach that yields a highly flexible implementation that can evolve effortlessly as changes and enhancements are applied to your application over time. This frees up development time, energy, and resources and allows focus to remain on the core functionality features of your application.

For most mobile solutions, security is a premier concern. AirStripTM technology is capable of providing a highly secure, 2-factor VPN authentication logon capability for Cisco and Nortel gateways. This new login process is unparalleled in its effectiveness for maintaining the most secure login possible while at the same time providing an effortless and rapid logon experience for the user. This solution truly yields the “best of both worlds” by completely eliminating the arduous manual input of the dynamic token value associated with hard token logons.

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