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The Top 100 Open Source Software Tools for Medical Professionals

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Open source softwareOpen source software benefits professionals in all industries: government, Internet, business, education, and even health care. Expensive software and subscriptions for anti virus systems, supporting electronic medical records and even phone or e-mail communications can put on a strain on small clinics as well as larger hospitals. Open source tools are free, highly customizable, and secure enough to handle the sensitive data that medical professionals often work with. Although some of these tools are not directly related to the medical profession, yet they are necessary for any computer user. The online nursing degree directory website has divided these 100 tools into the the following categories.

Medical Billing and Electronic Medical Records - These open software tools will help you manage your medical practice, from organizing EMRs to billing.

Antivirus, Security and Privacy - From protecting and saving your research data to keeping patient information private, these open source security tools are vital for any medical professional.


Graphics and Imaging - Use these graphics and imaging tools to view brain images, 3D images and more.

Content Management Tools - Manage your medical blog or website with these user-friendly open source tools, which allow you to reach a wider audience and share your advice.

Research and Reference - For quick assistance for your research studies, take advantage of these open source reference items.

Multimedia - For open source software to make the most of your audio, visual and mobile files, look to these free tools.

Storing Patient Information - Keep track of patient records with tools these open source office suites, address books and more.

General Tools that Work for Everyone - A ist of general open source tools that prove useful to medical professionals too.

Collaboration Tools - Collaborate with other medical professionals by networking online, inviting them to work on your desktop or taking advantage of remote access applications.

Storing, Sharing and Managing Files - Manage and share files with these two open source tools, which are free and customizable.

For Patients - From public health to patient diaries, these open source programs are highly beneficial for medical professionals who work on cases large and small.

Miscellaneous - Find more miscellaneous tools here, from health information systems to free operating systems.

Open source software

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