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How to Choose a PHR Supplier

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myPHREvery time you visit your doctor, hospital, or another healthcare provider, a record of your visit is made. This information is then compiled into what is known as your medical record or health record. Chances are, you have lots of different medical records. You may see many different healthcare providers during your lifetime such as a family practitioner, an allergist, a specialist such as a cardiologist, and if necessary, a surgeon. Each of these providers compiles a separate file of information about you. In fact, even if your providers are all connected in the same health care facility or system, they may each keep a separate medical record for you and may not be aware of the other treatment you are receiving. This can lead to an incomplete and disconnected record of your health.


Keeping your own complete, updated and easily accessible health record means you can play a more active role in your healthcare. You wouldn’t write checks without keeping a check register. The same level of responsibility makes sense for your healthcare.

A patient’s own PHR offers a different perspective, showing all your health-related information. It can include any information that you think affects your health, including information that your doctor may not have, such as your exercise routines, dietary habits, or glucose levels if you are diabetic.

myPHRAlso, the PHR is a critical tool that enables you to partner with your providers.
It can reduce or eliminate duplicate procedures or processes, which saves healthcare dollars, your time, and the provider’s time. And the information you gather gives you knowledge that assists your preparation for appointments.
With your PHR, you can:

  • Knowledgably discuss your health with healthcare providers
  • Provide information to new caregivers
  • Have easy access to your health information while traveling
  • Access your information when your doctor's office is closed
  • Record your progress toward specific health-related goals
  • Refer to physician instructions, prescriptions, allergies, medications, insurance claims, and more.
  • Track appointments, vaccinations, and numerous other wellness healthcare services.

Individuals can create their own PHR, or may be offered one by a variety of sources, such as a healthcare provider, insurer, employer or a commercial supplier of PHRs. Each supplier has different policies and practices regarding how they may use data they store for the individual. Study the policies and procedures carefully to make sure you understand how your personal health information will be used and protected. Policies to look for include privacy and security; the ability of the individual, or those they authorize, to access their information; and control over accessibility by others. If the PHR contains the same information that the doctor has seen, it has more usefulness for tracking purposes than information from insurance forms. For example, insurance claims information may list the diagnosis or medication but not the details (for example, actual blood pressure reading or dose of the medication taken).

A wide range of products are currently available to help you create your own personal health record (PHR).

myPHR helps you to choose your PHR supplier



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