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Radiology Information System

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Radiology and Therapeutic Services module should give access to all imaging and ancillary departments, such as cardiology, physical therapy, and respiratory therapy , to capture patient registration, exam process, and reporting and storing final results.
It may also include a Picture Archiving Communication System ( PACS), to integrate patient information and images; electronic mail capabilities for reports and physician letters; bar coding for film tracking.

The following has been extracted from a recent RFP. I've included it here for your reference. It may prove useful for anyone preparing such a document.
Please feel free to comment on this list, and propose any items that you think should have been included in this list. 


Radiology and Therapeutic Services

Radiology and Therapeutic Services module should give access to all imaging and ancillary departments, such as cardiology, physical therapy, and respiratory therapy , to capture patient registration, exam process, and reporting and storing final results.
It may also include a Picture Archiving Communication System ( PACS), to integrate patient information and images; electronic mail capabilities for reports and physician letters; bar coding for film tracking

>>> General
1   Develop master appointment schedules for each radiology and therapeutic exam room
2   Receive X-ray, Computed Tomography , Nuclear Imaging, Physical Therapy , etc.. Orders and log new orders
3   Display warning messages of conflicts in procedures and override permission with authentication
4   Custom defined requisition forms and labels
5   Support films tracking for section master folder ( ex: ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT , ..)
6   Integrate with a word processing system for reporting
7   Generate Management reports
8   Update Patient medical record with the order and the result and pass the result to the requester
9   Provide sufficient on-line archival (e.g. long term) storage to provide access to at least three years of image production.( Please refer to PACS Section )
10   Provide for radiation monitoring facility of Personnel
11   Provide longitudinal record of critical care patient history, while in an acute setting
12   Flexible implementation of barcode scanners ( for patient selection)
13   Support various search criteria into worklists ( query by example - technique)
14   Allow definition of presetting areas for staff members or equipment, by presetting of fields in registration and service recording ( ex: workplace, area , patient type, archive…)
15   Ability to parametrize worklists columns display

>>> Scheduling and Patient Data
In addition to interface to common HIS Scheduling module :
16   Ability to manual record and administer patient master data in Radiology and Therapeutic Services ( demographic information)
17   Ability to record risks, permanent diagnosis ( either standardized, i.e. ICD or internal catalog ), patient history, remarks
18   Ability to color highlight documented patient risks
19   Set different types of schedules ( ex: normal working hours , extra hours , start and end times of day )
20   Provide for block re-scheduling of appointments
21   Provide preparation requirement ( if needed ) at time of appointment
22   Scheduling of radiologists/technologists
23   Generate department schedules by patient type
24   Generate department schedules by examination room
25   Generate Personnel schedule by radiologist/technologists
26   Generate notification to all patients who must be re-scheduled if a room is closed
27   Facility to check resource availability at any time
28   Select the earliest available appointment time slot
29   Allow multiple appointment scheduling for multiple exams
30   Schedule reports
31   Confirmation of appointments scheduled via the HIS Scheduling system
32   Handling appointment statuses as workflow support ( ex: requested , confirmed , refused , cancelled )
33   Generation of scheduling grids with optional presetting of the planned procedures and activities
34   Allocation of the generated scheduling grids to work places or staff members and possibly specific week days
35   definition of a capacity utilization legend, for the colored representation of the resource utilization in the calendar

>>> Order Management
36   Ordered Procedure
37   Body area
38   Examination type ( XRAY, CT Scan, MRI, ..)
39   Group ordered procedures into exams
40   Assign exams to a technologist and room
41   Ability to verify the performance of a procedure and confirm completion
42   Ability to enter free text comments and instructions with the order and the result
43   provide bi-directional integration with an Order Management system
44   Provide for cancellation of orders or modifications of an exam requested by the doctor
45   Split ordered exams into more than one exam request
46   Provide the order inquiry at the ward/clinics
47   Facility to enter on-line orders at radiology dept as well as at wards/clinics
48   Record the identity of the person requesting the exam
49   Revise orders previously entered
50   Display warning messages of duplicated procedures and override permission with authentication
51   Allow back dating of exam orders for system recovery after down time
52   Prohibit exam order cancellation after a report has been transcribed
53   Display or print a historical list of patients, showing exams scheduled, cancelled or performed at other departments on the system
54   Produce patient preparations information before exams
55   Capability to print preparations information in English and Arabic

>>> Requisitions
56   Save requisitions as incomplete and close later
57   Edit requirements as required throughout process
58   Track shift and whether the process was a call-back
59   Produce requisition slip / bar coded label with patient demographic data
60   Produce requisition slip / bar coded label with patient exams history
61   Produce requisitions slip / bar coded label with patient's film jacket location
62   Produce requisition slip / bar coded label with examination status
63   Produce requisitions slip with report status (i.e. pending, verified, etc.)
64   Produce radiology report
65   Produce requisition slip with patient status within radiology department

>>> Results Entry / Transcription
66   Provide integration with Microsoft Word for the generation of report documents
67   Provide standard report libraries for : Verification , Review and Editing
68   Ability to report status overview and thus automatic check of the proceedings in reporting ( evaluation and subsequently the report letter )
69   Provide statuses as: examined, typed, co-read, correction dictated, verified
70   Ability to reprint reports
71   On-line display of final report
72   Produce batch and on-demand requests for printing
73   Produce daily , monthly reports of all Verified / Unverified exams
74   Lists classified Radiology orders
75   Generate Requested Services List
76   Generate Pending Investigations List
77   Digital Dictation system: - Provide integrated digital dictation system
78   Digital Dictation system: - Provide dictation recording on a procedure via dictation system
79   Digital Dictation system: - Automatic activation and playing of the dictation at procedure selection for report typing

>>> Reports
80   Generate Utilization reports
81   Generate Productivity reports
82   Work-Load measurement and Statistics reports
83   The ability to use pre-defined text report templates
84   Do parameters exist for report manipulation
85   Facility to create ad-hoc reports
86   Monthly report with prior year and YTD figures for comparisons
87   Worklist access to reporting
88   Query options for patient, procedure date, case number, procedure, workplace, procedure status, performing consultant
89   Access to all previous reports of a patient
90   Confirmation of the report dictation
91   Access to presumption-, accounting and- permanent diagnoses
92   Automatized generation of norm reports with the help of text blocks
93   Free access to text blocks and maximum reports in report generation
94   Correction or supplementation of reports
95   Co-reporting option
96   One report on several procedures with same referral source with the report recipient equaling the most current referrer
97   Documentation of report date, typist, dictating and verifying consultant
98   Access to patient information (referral source, cost bearer, diagnoses)
99   Automatic adoption of predefined individual forms of address
100   Patient report (configurable)
101   Insertion of further ”to be notified“ recipients. Printout of the reports for referral sources and to be notified physicians (configurable)
102   Access to the most current settings in reporting
103   Report layout, letter head, number of printouts, printing window, patient report, report addition, typist, dictating and verifying staff member
104   Generation of report additions after the final verification of the report
105   Serial Reporting:- Optional generation of an identical report text for several patients and procedures with the status ”examined”
106   Serial Reporting:- Generation of a ”work list serial reporting” via selection according to different criteria:
107   Serial Reporting:- Name/ID, birth date, procedure date, work place, procedure code and performing consultant
108   Serial Reporting:- One report text is generated exemplarity for the selected data records (procedures), which is assigned to all the procedures of the work list after completion, printout optional
109   Serial Reporting:- User defined status setting of a status for the procedures of the ”work list serial reporting“ (depending on the user’s rights): typed, co-read, verified
110   Report Verification :- Generation of a verification list via definable queries
111   Report Verification :- Query option for procedure date, patient, procedure, report status, performing, generating and/or signing consultant, report generation date
112   Report Verification :- Supplementation or correction of not verified reports
113   Report Verification :- Report viewing
114   Report Verification :- Final verification of reports (status verified)
115   Report Verification :- To make modifications to the report at a later point impossible
116   Report Verification :- Optional interface function: activation of the report text export via interface
117   Report Verification :- Option to allow report printout only at verification (”paperless proceedings”)
118   Report Verification :- Access to all previous procedures / history of a patient
119   Report Verification :- Report transfer via fax and e-mail system and HIS interface
120   Fax and E-Mail :- Faxing or mailing of reports directly from the Word reporting module with access to the fax numbers and mailing addresses deposited in the referral sources master data
121   Fax and E-Mail :- Determination which fax system to use
122   Fax and E-Mail :- Is the option for autonomous working provided, or
123   Fax and E-Mail :- Integration with the internal e-mail system (if so, which?)
124   Fax and E-Mail :- Automatic redialing after failed transmission attempt
125   Fax and E-Mail :- Licensing independent of the number of users
126   Fax and E-Mail :- Centralized fax server for all system users
127   Viewing of report texts on the previous history
128   Verification by verifying consultant
129   Via a „verification work list“ (query by example) with optional report text viewing before verification

>>> Material Management
130   Configurable work list ”incoming material” with presetting option via user defined queries (”query by example”)
131   Overview of i.e. material type, material batch, charge, material stock in storage, residual stock, expiration date of the stocks of the individual material batches
132   Recording incoming material (arrival date, expiration date, amount, charge, supplier, remark)
133   Automatic stock keeping
134   Management of charges
135   Combination of several material batches in one material package
136   Recording and management of consumption material
137   Optional allocation of expected material consumption to specific services in service recording
138   Automatic recording of the predefined material consumption with correction option
139   Adoption of consumed material into accounting
140   Material types, material batches, prescription batches, material packages, suppliers
141   Definition of the stock keeping type of each material batch
142   No stock keeping
143   Stock keeping (total amount only)
144   Keeping of several stocks (charge documentation)
145   Allocation of accounting items to material batches

>>> Integration
146   Accept service charges for outpatients
147   Pass on charges for Inpatients to Patient Accounting / Billing and Financials
148   Patient Medical Record
149   Order / result management
150   Accident and Emergency
151   Picture Archiving Communication

>>> Film Management
In addition to above generalities and Digital Archiving, Film Management is required for Non-Computer Radiography Equipment , taking into consideration Film Digitizing for PACS compliance.
152   Provide a table of all possible film locations
153   Provide the ability to loan films to a clinic or borrower and keep audit trails
154   Provide for bar-coding facilities
155   Provide for immediate on-line access to determine locations of files/folders within and outside the radiology department
156   Produce overdue film lists
157   Provide the ability to access/ display folders by patient name and hospital number
158   Track films and manage the file rooms for scheduling and folders status and location
159   Search for potential duplicate patients
160   Support hospital defined film indexing radiology record number
161   Support film / file check outs to locations outside radiology department
162   Generate a list of film jackets that a consultant has checked out
163   Print standard text labels for film file folders
164   Print bar code labels for file management
165   Print bar code labels for radiological procedures for attachment to films
166   Print advance notices for films and chemicals requests
167   Display warnings to user if borrower has overdue films
168   Track film usage by type and size of films used
169   Track film usage by repeat exams performed as a % of all films
170   Track film usage by reasons for repeating exams
171   Track film usage by reasons for delays in patient exams
172   Automatically print return request notices for overdue films
173   Account for Silver Sale

>>> Radio-pharmaceutical Application
174   Documentation of Radio-pharmaceutical Application. Overview of all charges of a radio-pharmaceutical, Information the current activity of a charge.
175   Documentation of Radio-pharmaceutical Application. Optional automatic booking from the ”oldest charge” or manual selection of the desired charge
176   In-Vivo Documentation Window for Nuclear Medicine. Recording height and weight of the patient, calculation of the body surface, recording application date and time, application location and type
177   In-Vivo Documentation Window for Nuclear Medicine. Optional allocation of the documentation window to the basic data of the individual nuclear medical services
178   In-Vivo Documentation Window for Nuclear Medicine. Automatic service related presetting of the parameters to be documented at service recording according to the settings in basic data
179   Nuclide Management :- Integration of all managed substances into the RIS module ”material management”
180   Nuclide Management :- Management of radio-pharmaceutical (with unit, half life, disintegration time)
181   Nuclide Management :- Management of marker kits
182   Nuclide Management :- Management of generators
183   Nuclide Management :- Entry with calibration activity, exit
184   Nuclide Management :- Supply activity
185   Nuclide Management :- Calculation of the current activity from the calibration activity
186   Nuclide Management :- Documentation of the eluation
187   Nuclide Management :- Documentation of the eluate portioning, with the identification of thus gained isotopes
188   Nuclide Management :- Optional automatic radio-pharmaceutical stock keeping, considering their half lives
189   Nuclide Management :- Optional charge management
190   Radiopharmaca application documentation
191   This module is integrated with the main HIS and receives requests for tests from the POC
192   The system provides interface for entry of results, which are then transferred to the patient’s ward/doctor.
193   The module should facilitate the user in displaying and printing various test requisitions received from different wards , outpatients and other hospitals. Shows the status of tests, test results, report generation of the test results, etc..
194   Ability to handle 9 cardiac care units
195   The proposed solution should support paper-less system that can provide a digital data and report for the hospital clonicities and cardiac department users, the proposed system should support:
196   Archiving of still images exported by diverse devices
197   HemoDynamic Masks including procedure log, graphical documentation, findings, interventions, hemo measurements and links to inventory management
198   Consisting of additional pediatric masks with a graphical module to draw/edit pediatric images out of a catalog( drawings provided by the hospital)
199   DICOM worklist communication with Philips, cardiac lab
200   Interface for automatic transmit of measured values and findings
201   Documentation of findings, unique echo documentation daily rate, preceded by clinical workflow analysis.
202   This module should have the ability to capture physician orders from other department as well as the POCs. It should have the ability to track long term or short term patient therapy program. It also should have the ability to track the progress of patient therapy program as well as interface all therapy session with patient billing.
203   The endoscopy images captured should be stored in the referred patient’s folder in this module. The system should provide for printing of the images of the report

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