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Preoperative Patient Education

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Preoperative Patient EducationThis is an information resource designed to help the patient understand the nature of a medical condition and the surgical procedure most commonly used to treat it.

The site aim is to help the patient to:

• gain a better understanding of his/her medical condition,
• know the patient treatment options,
• understand the risks of surgery - as well as the risk should the patient decide not to have the treatment his/her doctor recommends.
• the patient should also know what to expect on the day of surgery
• and know how to care of him/her self during recovery.






This site is available in order to answer common questions and to help the patient make an educated and careful decision about his/her treatment.

The website includes the following Surgery Centers
    Orthopedic Center
    Minimal Surgery Center
    Women's Center
    Oncology Center
    Cardiology Center
    Bariatric Center Procedures
    Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm - Open Repair
    Abdominal Fibroid Removal - Myomectomy
    Achilles Tendon Repair
    Anterior Cruciate Ligament - (ACL) Arhroscopic Repair
    Anti-Reflux Laparoscopy
    Arthroscopic Surgery Meniscus - Repair of Knee
    Balloon Angioplasty Coronary Angioplasty
    Biopsy Surgery General Surgery
    Breast Biopsy Incisional
    Breast Biopsy Needle
    Breast Biopsy Wire Guide
    Bunion Removal Foot Surgery
    Cardiac Catheterization Angiography
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Repair
    Cataract Small Incision
    Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG off-pump)
    Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)
    Cystoscopy - Female
    Cystoscopy - Male
    Dilation & Curettage of the Uterus
    Endoscopy of Large Intestine
    Fibroid - Tumor Removal Vaginal
    Gallbladder Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
    Gallbladder Removal - Laparoscopic - Hassan Trocar
    Gastric - Adjustable Band Surgery
    Gastric Bypass (Laparoscopic)
    Gastric Bypass - (Open)
    GI Endoscopy - Upper GI
    Hernia - Hiatal Laparoscopic
    Hernia - Hiatal Open Repair
    Hernia Repair Inguinal (Laparoscopic)
    Hernia Repair Inguinal (Open)
    Hip Replacement Surgery
    Hysterectomy Removal of the Uterus
    Hysterectomy: Uterus, Ovaries, and Fallopian
    Laparoscopy Diagnostic
    Lasik Laser Eye Surgery
    Mastectomy Modified Radical
    Mastectomy Radical
    Mastectomy Total
    Myringotomy Insertion of Tube
    Open Surgery General
    Permanent Pacemaker - Implant
    PRK Laser Surgery
    Rotator Cuff Repair - Arthroscopic
    Rotator Cuff Repair - Open Surgery
    Shoulder Replacement Surgery
    Spleen Removal Laparoscopic Splenectomy
    Stent Implantation Coronary Angioplasty
    TURP - Transurethral Resection of the Prostate
    Vasectomy Task Centers
    Diabetes Series
    Urinary Care Center
    Basic PostCare Tasks
    Diabetes Series (Spanish) Care Tasks
    Assist with Shower
    Assist with Tub Bath
    Assisting with Feeding
    Care and Drainage of a Leg Bag
    Care of Suprapubic Catheter
    Caring for a Male External Urinary Collecting System
    Closed Urinary Drainage System
    Emptying a Urinary Drainage Bag
    Female Intermittent Self-Catheterization
    Female Perineal Wash
    Getting Out of Bed After Abdominal or Chest Surgery
    Injecting Insulin
    Insulin Pens
    Male Intermittent Self-Catheterization
    Male Perineal Wash
    Mixing Insulin
    Monitoring Your Blood Sugar
    Recording Urine Output
    Storage of Insulins
    Subcutaneous Injection
    Types of Insulin
    Use of Peak Flow Meter
    Using a Transfer Belt
    Wound Care


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