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SEEDIE seal, a new certification for EHR's ;-)

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Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR?sMuch is made these days in healthcare IT circles about interoperability. This so-called “holy grail” has lulled many into believing that EHR systems should be able to easily and inexpensively exchange data using standard communication protocols. SEEDIE, the Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR’s, is a healthcare IT standards organization that is completely funded and operated by a select group of proprietary electronic health record vendors.

Unlike independent, objective, professional organizations created to help medical professionals select and implement interoperable EHR solutions, SEEDIE promotes healthcare IT systems that play well in the sandbox if, and only if, it is in the best interests of a particular vendor.

While the other groups argue endlessly about which standards are most appropriate in pursuit of “plug and play” solutions, SEEDIE recognizes that data exchange should only occur after a lengthy and expensive custom integration process. Further, that integration should require ongoing technical support from multiple vendors.

SEEDIE Certification

SEEDIE Certification gives the appearance of putting EHR vendors through their paces, and is based on a unique process unlike any other in the industry.

Working with a handpicked, semi-objective group of medical practitioners who are paid handsomely by our member vendors to participate, we developed a set of SEEDIE scenarios that resemble, in many respects, realistic clinical situations.

Depending on how much each vendor pays for SEEDIE certification, they are required to demonstrate their ability to meet specific criteria outlined in these scenarios.

Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR?s 

"Our company, Extormity, sells a suite of EMR software solutions, and we can’t keep all the acronyms straight! I can’t explain the difference between an HL7, a CCR and an XPHR, and I do this for a living! In fact, we tried to participate in some interoperability exhibitions at a few conferences, and we couldn’t make our systems talk with those from other vendors. We also took a look at CCHITSM Certification, and quickly realized there was no way we could meet 263 criteria in 40 some categories. We’re all for certification, but what’s wrong with setting the bar low? Why does CCHIT have to make certification so rigorous?

We threw up our hands and decided to work with other like minded vendors to start our own organization – SEEDIE. This “take our ball and go home” approach puts the power where it belongs – in the hands of a few very large, very profitable companies who know how to build the complex, proprietary systems required to turn the EHR space into a multi-billion dollar market in a short period of time.

Is interoperability a pipe dream? Absolutely not.

Is interoperability expensive? We think it should be! We believe that true interoperability requires organizational will and a tremendous amount of money from customers to fund it. Given enough in custom integration fees, we can build an interface that will allow our EMR to exchange clinical data with a toaster oven. It all boils down to dollars and desire.

EHR vendors who tout plug and play interoperability are eroding the potential value of the healthcare IT market. Look for the SEEDIE seal when you select an EHR partner, and you will know with confidence that your added investment will support aggressive industry growth forecasts."

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