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Visual control system saves nurses an hour per day.

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McKessonHealthcare IT solutions and services specialists, McKesson, launched Horizon Enterprise Visibility; the first visual control system designed specifically for hospitals. The ‘whiteboard-style’ system provides real-time visibility of room availability, patient location and the current status of a patient’s treatment creating more time for patient care by all members of the healthcare team. The proven benefits of Horizon Enterprise Visibility have shown a saving of one hour per nurse per shift per day by a saving of up to 7-10 phone calls and 3-4 wasted logins to various information systems per day. There was also a reduction in capacity problems by speeding up the bed turnaround process.

Charmaine McDonald, UK Managing Director, McKesson, comments, “Hospital staff currently rely on an array of devices such as pagers, texts, radio communications and the telephone to keep abreast of the current hospital environment and ward status. Horizon Enterprise Visibility uses visual controls to drive and sustain process improvements, which will ultimately increase patient status visibility for all staff and allow increased focus on the core issue of patient care.”

Through this centralized display, Horizon Enterprise Visibility helps healthcare organizations achieve better outcomes of patient care and move patients effectively towards discharge. This visual control system brings all ward information, and critical enterprise wide departmental information together through one electronic ‘whiteboard’ overview. Designed to make nurses lives easier, Horizon Enterprise Visibility allows real-time information about their patients without logins, pagers or having to make phone calls.

Visual control system saves nurses an hour per day. 

Streamlined communication boosts nurse satisfaction. The question patients and families ask nurses most is, “When is my doctor going to be here?” Often the nurse doesn’t know who the patient’s doctor is, let alone when he or she will round that day.
Using a visual control system and Internet portal, clinicians can log in remotely to identify their patients’ locations and nurse assignments, and indicate on the electronic whiteboard for each unit when they will round. This information is automatically
broadcast on the appropriate units — all without any pages or phone calls.

Because room status (occupied, empty, being cleaned, etc.) is also broadcast intuitively, nurses don’t have to repeatedly call housekeeping services to request that a room be cleaned. Instead, managers can quickly determine where staff are needed most, and workers can better manage their own day. Everyone can see how long a cleaning has been in progress and anticipate when a room should be ready.

When deciding whether to approve a new technology investment, executives want solutions that can drive and sustain multiple enterprise wide process improvements at once — and that provide a quantifiable return on investment. McKesson’s solution basically broadcasts the information from underlying source systems for everyone to see and use. This exposure enhances the value of those systems by increasing their
adoption and the accuracy of the information they contain. There are few infrastructure requirements and no complex integration to be done. Most “users” are simply viewers, so training amounts to reinforcing what the various visual controls mean and reinforcing the importance of relying on them to prioritise activities throughout the day.

Visual control system saves nurses an hour per day. 

This state of the art system intuitively displays real-time information at a glance via plasma or LCD screens. Existing departmental systems and location technologies, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, populate the visual displays in real-time through color-coded, time-stamped icons and signal lights mapped against the floor plan of a hospital.  This enables hospital staff to quickly identify isolation patients, fall risks or any other patient safety concerns and flashing timers can be used to indicate key actions required.

Currently deployed in hospitals across the US and Germany, Horizon Enterprise Visibility features more than 75 configurable indicators allowing individual Trusts to set the measures to manage their wards’ activities and quickly identify the status of critical test results, patient locations, discharge times and bed or room availability.
In addition, Horizon Enterprise Visibility intuitively broadcasts the status of a bed or room – whether it is occupied, empty or being cleaned – which negates the need to make multiple calls requesting housekeeping services. Charmaine continues, “This room status indicator has proven to be a massive time-saver: managers can quickly determine where the staff are most needed, employees can better manage their own time, and all staff have visibility of when resources - both people and beds - are available and the specific location of essential equipment.”

Charmaine concludes, “At McKesson we are committed to understanding the needs of the healthcare sector and we believe that there is huge potential for visual controls technology in the UK. We are confident that visual controls will be recognized as the gold standard for driving and sustaining process improvement in the acute care setting.”

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