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SurgyTec: Gain by sharing

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SurgyTec: Gain by sharingSurgyTec is all about the philosophy 'gain by sharing'. Share your best with the community and you will get unexpected feed back. Hard comments, sincere followers agreeing with you, strong opponents knowing better. And than you are offered the possibility to improve your message, perhaps even your technique itself, making the patient benefit. That is the idea. So start sharing.

Optimal sharing of knowledge will result in more efficient learning which almost directly leads to better patient care. And only if you allow others to disagree with you, will you have the opportunity to learn most. Especially from adverse reactions, unexpected support, sincere comments, remarks between to respected other colleagues making the coin drop in your box.
To enable all this and more we are convinced of the importance of the SurgyTec community tools provided on our platform. So feel invited and join in.
Import your list of friends from your contact list into your SurgyTec list of 'my friends', mail any release of your latest video into all of them, easily. Invite them to join the discussion on a particular topic you started on your active forum.
But also accept invitations to become friends with new colleagues, sharing the passion. Or invite the author of a video you liked or disliked to become your friend.

SurgyTec: Gain by sharing

But SurgyTec is also about enjoying yourself! And sharing this using our communication tools throughout the community!

  • enjoy spreading the good news of your recently launched video (making the difference - or at least trying to!)
  • enjoy the unexpected responses to your video in the attached comments and in active forum discussions
  • enjoy the thrill you will feel both from a high rating as well as from a low rating of your video and feel the urge to do something about it
  • enjoy contributing to a community larger than peers only and across all surgical disciplines
  • enjoy seeing your list of friends grow beyond expectation with colleagues sharing the same passion, same preference for specific tools, techniques, across geographical and disciplinary borders
  • enjoy being a frontrunner using tomorrows ways of communication today
  • enjoy the financial kick-back you will receive, automatically, life long, for any paid download of your video or
  • enjoy donating your kickbacks to your favorite benefit

In the current beta release, all video's are free of charge.

To find the video you are looking for, you can start off by making a (combination of) selection(s) from the six operation properties: specialism, organ/region, tissue, etiology, technique and operation type.
After choosing each selection, a filter is applied to remaining videos. If the kind of video you are searching for is not available after making a selection, you can reset one of the selection boxes or click "clear selection"
According to your selection, the video results are listed. This list is default sorted on the overall rating (stars), but you can change this by clicking one of the 3 video radio buttons or one of the 5 rating radio buttons. The most relevant video for you will be showed on top of the list.

SurgyTec is an initiative of HPJ Stevens MD, PhD, plastic surgeon from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
In his professional life, Dr. Jerome Stevens encountered numerous reasons to improve exchanging knowledge among fellow surgeons in a more visual way.
Dr. Stevens' medical background and affinity with ICT and new media where the basis of fulfilling this need of surgeons around the world. He teamed up with an innovative ICT company called SPING which develops advanced telecom and internet solutions. A highly experienced strategic business developer completed the team and SurgyTec was born. Currently the SurgyTec team holds eleven members.
SurgyTec is based in The Netherlands, but operates globally with a large community of the best medical practitioners and academic peers. Their valuable input and inter collegial quality control secures the high-standard video content on SurgyTec.

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