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Your Doctor at your finger tips...

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FreeMDFreeMD® is an electronic doctor that conducts an interview, analyzes symptoms, and provides expert advice -- for free. is not a diagnostic program; it is a triage program.  The purpose of is to help consumers decide when and where to seek a physician evaluation (and ultimately a diagnosis).

Triage is about sending the person to the right place at the right time, given a combination of symptoms.  Simply put, triage is a risk assessment about symptoms.  Triage takes advantage of the fact that people with serious symptoms are more likely to have a serious condition.  Every time you go to the emergency room, the first thing they do is a triage evaluation.  After performing a brief interview, the ER staff determines your potential for serious illness.  If your potential is high, they see you fast.  If your potential is low, you have to wait.

The goal of diagnosis is to determine exactly what underlying condition is responsible for a patient's symptoms.  Every doctor needs to establish a diagnosis before starting therapy.  Since treatments are specific to the diagnoses, you can't treat the patient without establishing the diagnosis first.  

Provides Answers to Important Questions
  • What might be causing my symptoms?
  • Do I need to see a doctor?
  • Where should I go for care?
  • How do I care for myself?

Enables Consumer-Driven Healthcare

  • Empowers consumers to use resources wisely
  • Avoids dangerous delays in care
  • Reduces dependency on the emergency room

Breakthrough Technology

  • Uses video to conduct the interview
  • Analyzes thousands of symptoms and injuries
  • Generates a personal web page that contains care instructions and a detailed health record

Evidence-Based Medicine

  • 100% physician-written and maintained
  • Proven accuracy through millions of interactions
  • Reviewed by doctors and nurses for more than 10 years

FreeMD will not help you if:

  1. You are a medical professional and already know how to triage yourself.
  2. You can easily get a hold of a doctor who will spend time with you on the phone and tell you what to do any time you are sick or injured---day or night.

Which group do you fit in?

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