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PHIAD - hierarchical network for the exchange of public health information.

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Public Health Information Affinity Domain (PHIAD)Public Health Information Affinity Domain (PHIAD) creates the first on-demand system in the public health industry by enabling the integration and sharing of data generated at clinical and public health institutions across proprietary systems and political boundaries. The system is built upon international coding systems, as well as the coordination between open-source technologies and the "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" (IHE) initiative in the use of standards to allow multi-national public health reporting and surveillance.

PHIAD supports hierarchical data flow across different domains. Each regional PHIAD collects data from local sources, such as doctors and veterinarians. The regional PHIAD then forwards appropriate information to a national PHIAD, which is administered by a disease control organization such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). PHIAD can extend this hierarchy of data sharing to international partnerships. At each level, different data-sharing policies concerning person identification, location identification, authorship, and results can be implemented.

The ability to share public health data electronically paves the way for sophisticated and advanced analysis tools that visualize the population health, detect outbreaks, determine the effectiveness of policy, and perform forecast modeling.

Public Health Information Affinity Domain (PHIAD) 

How does it work?

PHIAD requires no user installation. Because PHIAD is a Web-based application, end users can access the system from their Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser.

The Web application presents a simple report entry, submission, and query interface, all of which allow a participating location to create and view data from the shared infrastructure.

By using the submission form or by importing pre-populated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, users can submit data into the system. A standard HL7 Clinical Document Architecture, Release 2 (CDA R2) report is generated and shared among all the participants according to the IHE Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) profile. Users can also search for existing documents based on desired selection criteria and can produce statistical reports from the shared data.

Public Health Information Affinity Domain (PHIAD) 

PHAID has been specifically developed to be adopted by MECIDS, but aims for a global adoption in the future.

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