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Inpatient Management ( ADT )

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The Inpatient module should support two main functions : the administration of wards ( nursing units ) and the handling of admissions, discharge and transfer of patients in those wards.

The system should assist management in viewing and assessing inpatient facilities, enhancing their ability to plan resources use and service provision for the future.

The following has been extracted from a recent RFP. I've included it here for your reference. It may prove useful for anyone preparing such a document.
Please feel free to comment on this list, and propose any items that you think should have been included in this list. 

Inpatient Management ( ADT )

Inpatient Management ( ADT )
Patient Admission, Discharge and Transfer
The Inpatient module should support two main functions : the administration of wards ( nursing units ) and the handling of admissions, discharge and transfer of patients in those wards.

The system should assist management in viewing and assessing inpatient facilities, enhancing their ability to plan resources use and service provision for the future

>>> General
1   Collect and update demographic data and insurance information
2   Schedule and pre-admit patients
3   Cancel reservations / admissions
4   Generate inpatient admit questionnaires, both long and short forms
5   Generate defaults for newborn
6   Enter a patient’s condition at the information desk
7   Transfer patients and swap beds
8   Capture daily care charges
9   Discharge patients
10   Send admission notifications
11   Enter room and bed board for appropriate bed assignment
12   Calculate daily room charges on cut off time of day

>>> Ward ( Nursing Units ) set-up and Maintenance
Support the setting up of wards ( nursing units ) parameters :
13   Ward name
14   Ward status
15   Number of beds
16   Ward specialty
17   Ward gender
18   Support bed status codes ( ex: Occupied , available , reserved , empty , other…)
19   Define rooms by occupancy ( single , double )
20   Define double rooms by gender
21   Define room by financial status
22   Permit the amendment of all set up information
23   Allow changes and overrides

>>> Inpatients – Admissions, Discharge and Transfers ( ADT )
The ADT system should be the center control of all room allocations, prior to admission it should check previous information of the patient and flag the operator about patient preferences, and also warn if there are any payments.
24   Patient admission data includes:- Admit date and time
25   Patient admission data includes:- Medical record number
26   Patient admission data includes:- Admitting physician
27   Patient admission data includes:- Attending physician
28   Patient admission data includes:- Last inpatient stay dates and facility
29   Patient admission data includes:- Text comments
30   Patient admission data includes:- Admitting diagnosis
31   Patient admission data includes:- Primary insurance, ID number , and subscriber / policy holder
32   Patient admission data includes:- Secondary insurance, ID number , and subscriber / policy holder
33   Patient admission data includes:- Third insurance, ID number , and subscriber / policy holder
34   Record mode of transport on patient arrival and departure
35   Record source of admission ( ex: elective , accident , emergency )
36   Record source of transfer
37   Support inquiry into patient’s past hospital visit for past five years
38   Maintain a VIP file and display VIP status as patient record is retrieved during admission
39   Display a ‘bad debt’ indicator on admissions screens, if applicable to patient
40   Support ‘confidential’ patient admissions with inquiry screens and census reports indicating that no information should be given out
41   Provide ability to assign a pre-admission number for scheduling services and other purposes
42   Allow entry of the patient’s reservation date in the pre-admission function
43   Provide online help screens for all admissions , transfer , and discharge functions
44   Allow user to page forward and backwards in admission screens
45   Automatically retrieve patient’s master index (MPI ) data into all pre-admission and admission functions
46   Immediately update master patient index files when new patient data is entered during admission
47   Allow rescheduling of pre-admissions without re-entry of patient data
48   Automatically purge ‘no-show’ pre-admissions after a hospital-defined time period
49   Provide ability to maintain and display insurance pre-certification requirements during admission and pre-admission functions
50   Support the entry of –pre-certification number and/or name obtained from the insurance company
51   Automatically assign new patient account number when admitting patients
52   Provide ability to change inpatient accounts to outpatient status with automatic transfer of patient data and charges
53   Allow entry of three physician ? names ( ex: admitting , attending , referring ) in admission screens
54   Display warning on admission screen if admitting physician’s privileges are suspended
55   Provide a length of stay (LOS) review capability supporting entry of last day of authorized stay
56   Support newborn admission ( as a separate admission ) using mother’s demographic and insurance data with reference to mother’s account
57   Provide ability to link mother and baby accounts on demand, so that charges are combined on one account
58   Support online inquiry of all beds from which patients are waiting transfer or pending discharge
59   Automatically transmit ( ex: via interface ) patient data to medical records and patient accounting system
60   Provide online inquiries of bed status ( ex: vacant, occupied) by nursing station or hospital service
61   Allow patient transfers to be initiated by admissions or nursing staff
62   Allow readmission of erroneously discharged patients, retaining patient account data and charges
63   Provide ability to backdate a transfer to a lower class of room rate charges
64   Provide ability to backdate a discharge with automatic correction of room rate charges
65   Provide ability for nursing and admitting staff to initiate discharge transactions
66   Include an indicator on discharge processing screens stating if patient has valuables
67   Support entry of ICD-10 codes at discharge
68   Support entry of CPT4 procedure codes at discharge
69   Support interface to bar coding printers for printing bar-coded patient labels
70   Provide ability to print patient wristbands
71   Display bed control indicator for bed assigned by gender, and forbid transfer between assigned gender beds
72   Display history of bed locations and transfers for a specific patient
73   Provide ability to automatically swap patients ( without using ‘dummy beds’)
74   Support the use of ‘dummy beds’ and post charges to the patient account
75   Provide ability to isolate beds and remove from use
76   Support bed reservations for patients
77   Display patient census by nurse station
78   Display census of all patients with VIP status
79   Display patient census online by physician
80   Display Patient Length of Stay ( LOS ) versus actual stay
81   Support real-time update of census inquiries after patient admissions, discharges and transfers
82   Capture Physician data showing :- Physician name and Code number
83   Capture Physician data showing :- Physician specialty / department
84   Capture Physician data showing :- Physician telephone / beeper number
85   Capture Physician data showing :- Ward to be admitted to
86   Capture Physician data showing :- Reason for admission
87   Capture Physician data showing :- Name of person authorizing admission if not physician
88   Capture Physician data showing :- Admitting diagnosis codes ( ICD10)

>>> Query
89   Support online search for patient data by last name
90   Support online search for patient data by phonetic ( soundex) name search
91   Support online search for patient data by social security number and other alternate numbers
92   Provide online inquiry for patient location

>>> Reports
93   Print list of pre-admissions by arrival date , service type , and financial class
94   Print daily list of ‘no-show’ pre-admitted patients
95   Print inpatient admission forms with ability to reprint if needed
96   Print patient labels at time of admission for lab samples and other needs
97   Provide ability to print census lists by user-defined categories ( ex: nursing units, patient name )
98   Print detailed inpatient list of name, room , MD ( medical doctor ) , service , admit date , discharge date , diagnosis , and financial class
99   Print detailed admission lists in patient name ( alpha) order
100   Print detailed admissions list by financial class
101   Print detailed admissions list by nursing unit
102   Print detailed admissions list by physicians
103   Print patient admission, transfer, and discharge notices in hospital-defined areas
104   Print notification of canceled discharges in hospital defined areas
105   Print detailed discharge patient list in alpha order by financial class
106   Print admissions list by 1st insurance, showing 2nd and 3rd , flagging those needing certification within 24 hours
107   Print patient admissions, transfers, and discharges report by nursing station
108   Print nursing unit census lists by financial class for social services and utilization review
109   Print census statistical reports for total patient days, admissions, transfers, and discharges
110   Print patient census by physician
111   Scheduled registration list by name , service , or priority
112   Occupancy summary report by service or location
113   Generate a report with standard tests for a patient attending a ward
114   Statistical reports based on services, length of stay , patient status
115   Patient audit trails
116   Admissions by physician

>>> Integration
117   Interface with Medical Records module
118   Support HL-7 ( Health Level 7 ) interfaces to patient accounting, managed care , case management and other systems for transfer of demographic, diagnosis and other data
119   Incorporate for MLC cases ( Medico Legal Cases ) with separate MLC number

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