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Cash Management

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The module is needed to respond to all cashiering activities in the Hospital, i.e. cash disbursement, cash receipts, cash forecast and cash activity management in general.

The following has been extracted from a recent RFP. I've included it here for your reference. It may prove useful for anyone preparing such a document.
Please feel free to comment on this list, and propose any items that you think should have been included in this list. 

Cash Management

The module is needed to respond to all cashiering activities in the Hospital, i.e. cash disbursement, cash receipts, cash forecast and cash activity management in general.

>>> General
1   Current cash availability
2   Calculation of expected cash sources ( AR , services , miscellaneous cash)
3   Calculation of expected cash users ( AP , miscellaneous cash )
4   Forecast effects of cash sources and uses on cash availability
5   Expected pay date maintenance
6   Cash projection reporting
7   Cash projections by entity, bank, expected date, terms, customer payment history
8   Cash projections by currency
9   Cash book inflow and outflow by bank, year , statement code
10   Recording of cash payments and receipts from bank statements
11   Statement of discrepancy exception flagging and reporting
12   Recording of miscellaneous charges and deposits
13   Process cancelled AP checks
14   Recording of GL journal entries to cash
15   Printing of statement of account

>>> Cash Management
16   Ability to timely execute cash transfer and investment decisions made daily
17   Ability to inquire at multiple banks for balance, lockbox deposit and check clearing information
18   Ability to record interest received on favorable bank balance ( Banque du Liban )
19   Ability to record bank interest charges
20   Ability to allocate receipts for specific invoice
21   Ability to accept funds not allocated to specific invoice
22   Ability to record sundry receipts
23   Ability to post information interfaced from banks to the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payables, and payroll systems
24   Ability to forecast disbursements including the latest ledger and collected positions on a monthly and daily basis
25   Ability to automatically reconcile bank accounts
26   Ability to effectively process wire transfers by interfacing with the general ledger, and account payable
27   Ability to prepare on the system short term cashflows
28   Ability to prepare bank business flows
29   Ability to record value date and transaction dates on cash book
30   Ability to print cash receipts
31   Ability to accept cheques and credit cards
32   Provide support for cash counting and books balancing
33   Ability to reverse cash payment, reimburse cash for cancelled medical procedures
34   Ability to accept ear marked donations

>>> Integration within Accounting
35   Create and post summary journal entries for all financial transactions processed in the cash book module
36   Cash book updates accounts receivable with details of all customer receipts
37   Cash book is updated by accounts payable with details of payment transactions
38   Integrate with payable to post delivery of cheques
39   Integrate with payroll to disburse employees cash payment
40   Integrate with receivables to dispense receipts on cash/cheques settlement
41   Confirm receipt of payment through online screens
42   Issue various receipts in support of cash sales of services
43   Record and control cheques delivery to individuals / vendors
44   Support cash receipt from inpatient/outpatient on different services rendered and different locations
45   Integrate with ledger for all posting and adjustments handled through cashier

>>> Queries
46   Ability to inquire on patient / vendor outstanding balances
47   Ability to view various costing elements from billing system

>>> Reports
48   Daily cash position report
49   Detailed cash disbursement report
50   Detailed cash receipt report
51   Summary of posting to General Ledger
52   Various control account reconciliation report

>>> Integration
53   Integration with billing system
54   Integration with Accounts Payable
55   Integration with purchasing
56   Integration with order management, services
57   Integration with Accounts Receivable
58   Integration with General Ledger
59   Integration with Payroll

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