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Mediformatica - The Medical Informatics Portal

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1 CareAware VitalsLink Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 9768
2 Medical Billing Practice Management Software - Case Study Video Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 10323
3 GE Healthcare Re-imagined Commercial - Love Story Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 4582
4 GE New Early Health Commercial - ECG MAC 400 Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 4879
5 Eric Schmidt (GOOGLE) at HIMSS Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3290
6 Why GOOGLE shouldn't get into healthcare Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3352
7 STRAND - Secure TRANsmission of clinical Data Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3206
8 3DRX Insight chiropractic patient education tutorial Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3961
9 3DRX Insight chiropractic patient education Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3720
10 It's Electric! Kids Draw on Hospital Wall with their Fingers Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3348
11 Web 2.0 & Beyond Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3059
12 AOL Home Health Care Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3083
13 Lenovo Veriface Technology Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 4065
14 Mobile Tablet Handheld Computer Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3272
15 The 2008 HISsie Awards from Mr. HIStalk Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3153
16 Transforming the Health Care System Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3093
17 What Health Care Can Learn From Boeing Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3076
18 NJN News Healthwatch Report - Electronic Health Records Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3069
19 Consumers and Physicians Online for Health Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3141
20 Hillary Challenges Google for Electronic Medical Records Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3304
21 HealthFault from Microsoft and the Privacy Rights League Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3103
22 Microsoft HealthVault Case Studies video Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3211
23 Microsoft HealthVault - Interesting New Platform Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3394
24 Microsoft's HealthVault Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3110
25 Health Information Technology Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3267
26 Health Information Highway Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3367
27 Doctor scares patient's family Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3084
28 Treating the Computer, Not the Patient Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 2934
29 Protecting Patient Privacy Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3327
30 Protecting Electronic Health Information Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3361
31 Information Needs of Primary care Organizations Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3336
32 HealthVault - Allscripts teaming up with Microsoft Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3148
33 IBM Client Reference Video featuring Huntsville Hospital Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3160
34 Motion C5 Customer Comments Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 4470
35 Motion C5 Tablet Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3279
36 HealthVault - Microsoft's New Platform For Online Health Management Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3054
37 Never sneeze in a surgery VERY FUNNY! Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3424
38 eLab - The small lab LIMS Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3389
39 Laboratory Information Management System Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3370
40 Clinical Simulation Lab Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3520
41 Blood Draw - New Product!! Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3365

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DrugFormatica provides a simple drug database providing information about FDA approved medications.
ProcFormatica provides a simple medical procedures database including information about the latest ICD-10-PCS codes.
PsychFormatica provides a simple medical procedures database including information about the latest DSM IV codes.

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Medical Informatics

Medical informatics has to do with all aspects of understanding and promoting the effective organization, analysis, management, and use of information in health care.


Hospital Information Systems

A Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS) is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of a hospital.



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