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Actually there are several. Defining Health2.0 is also a user-generated phenomenon. You can choose your own definition.

Health 2.0: "New concept of healthcare wherein all the constituents (patients, physicians, providers, and payers) focus on healthcare value (outcomes/price) and use competition at the medical condition level over the full cycle of care as the catalyst for improving the safety, efficiency, and quality of health care"

Medicine 2.0: "Medicine 2.0 applications, services and tools are Web-based services for health care consumers, caregivers, patients, health professionals, and biomedical researchers, that use Web 2.0 technologies as well as semantic web and virtual reality tools, to enable and facilitate specifically social networking, participation, apomediation, collaboration, and openness within and between these user groups.

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1 web2.0:Beyond Open Source in Health Care Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3832
2 How web 2.0 is changing medicine Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3450
3 Web 2.0 in Medicine Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3553
4 Medicine 2.0 Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3624
5 Medicine 2.0 Brief Description Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3518
6 Doctor as Web-Patient Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3694
7 Online Healthcare Marketing - Web 2.0 Tools & Trends Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3361
8 Sprigley - new feature allows sharing observations Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3460
9 Sprigley Overview for Healthcare Folks Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3460
10 Sprigley Tutorial Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3597
11 Youtube & Beyond: Web 2.0 Video in Public Health Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3483
12 Patient 2.0 -- Matthew Zachary Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3424
13 A Doctor Grows in Brooklyn Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3508
14 Health 2.0 site Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3546
15 Health 2.0 Version 2 response to The Machine is Us/ing Us Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3260
16 Promoting Health 2.0 Relationships Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3357
17 Health 2.0 Interview Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3362
18 Web 2.0 & Healthcare Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3738

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