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FDA Maximum Recommended Therapeutic Dose (MRTD) Database

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FDA Maximum Recommended Therapeutic Dose (MRTD) DatabaseThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Office of Pharmaceutical Science, Informatics and Computational Safety Analysis Staff's Maximum Recommended Daily Dose (FDAMDD) database contains values for over 1200 pharmaceuticals listed in Martindale: The Extra Pharmacopoeia (1973, 1983, and 1993) and The Physicians' Desk Reference (1995 and 1999).
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SEEDIE seal, a new certification for EHR's ;-)

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Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR?sMuch is made these days in healthcare IT circles about interoperability. This so-called “holy grail” has lulled many into believing that EHR systems should be able to easily and inexpensively exchange data using standard communication protocols. SEEDIE, the Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR’s, is a healthcare IT standards organization that is completely funded and operated by a select group of proprietary electronic health record vendors.
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People and equipment tracking via RFID

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People and equipment tracking via RFIDCenTrak's InTouch Care™ product is a Real Time Location System (RTLS) that automatically and accurately keeps track of people and equipment in complex indoor facilities and their outdoor periphery. The InTouch Care™ system can pinpoint and track the location of equipment with room-level or sub-room level accuracy. The InTouch Care™ system can also pinpoint and track the location of doctors, nurses, hospital staff and patients with room-level or sub-room level accuracy. Such infrastructure provides an important foundation for applications to improve patient and staff workflow management, and more importantly, security and safety. InTouch Care™ ensures that you positively identify each patient, every time, regardless of where there are in your facility.
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Medsphere releases source code for OpenVista CIS

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Medsphere releases source codeHospital electronic records vendor Medsphere Systems Corp. has substantially changed its business model, releasing on the open source market the source code of its OpenVista clinical information system. OpenVista Clinical Information System (CIS) 1.0 Beta is a cross platform application based on C# and GTK#/ GTK+. CIS runs on the MS and Mono .NET frameworks. It is based on the design of the VA's Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) along with image viewing, and other commercial enhancements. CIS will be Medsphere's technical platform for the new pharmacy and nursing modules.
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Preoperative Patient Education

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Preoperative Patient EducationThis is an information resource designed to help the patient understand the nature of a medical condition and the surgical procedure most commonly used to treat it.

The site aim is to help the patient to:

• gain a better understanding of his/her medical condition,
• know the patient treatment options,
• understand the risks of surgery - as well as the risk should the patient decide not to have the treatment his/her doctor recommends.
• the patient should also know what to expect on the day of surgery
• and know how to care of him/her self during recovery.

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Tectonic Shifts in the Health Information Economy: A look at the PHR Industry

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NEJMIn a recent shift in the health information landscape, large corporations are seeking an integral and transformative role in the management of health care information. The mechanism by which this transformation is likely to take place is through the creation of computer platforms that will enable patients to manage health data in personally controlled health records (PCHRs). Two types of large corporations are involved. Technology companies such as Google and Microsoft see business opportunities, whereas Fortune 100 companies in their role as employers see efficiencies and cost savings when patients can securely store, access, augment, and share their own copy of electronic health information. Though this shift in the locus of control of health information is driven largely by a need to provide assistance with clinical care processes, it will also profoundly affect the biomedical research enterprise. We illustrate this shift with a two-part scenario in which a patient fills her PCHR with data from multiple sites of care and then participates in research. 

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Investing in EMR: The Story of a Lost Employee

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Future HealthcareIt wasn't the hours; he essentially allowed her to set her own hours. It wasn't the physicians; she emphatically stated that she enjoyed working with all the partners. It wasn't the location; he had a beautiful seaside view looking out over Palm Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, she will be getting paid a bit more at the new location as an office manager instead of as a billing clerk, but more importantly, instead of pouring over scribbled notes, manually faxing billing reports, and waiting for transcription to return so the HCFA forms can be sent, she'll be working at a practice that has successfully instituted an electronic medical record system. As a result, medical records will be available immediately, coding will be done properly - the first time - and she will be working with state-of-the-art technology that will enable her to develop marketable skill sets.

A nice story from Future Healthcare.....

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How to Choose a PHR Supplier

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myPHREvery time you visit your doctor, hospital, or another healthcare provider, a record of your visit is made. This information is then compiled into what is known as your medical record or health record. Chances are, you have lots of different medical records. You may see many different healthcare providers during your lifetime such as a family practitioner, an allergist, a specialist such as a cardiologist, and if necessary, a surgeon. Each of these providers compiles a separate file of information about you. In fact, even if your providers are all connected in the same health care facility or system, they may each keep a separate medical record for you and may not be aware of the other treatment you are receiving. This can lead to an incomplete and disconnected record of your health.


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Medicare prescription data will be scanned for harmful drug effects

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FDAThe Food and Drug Administration now has access to another major ingredient of its Sentinel project, one intended to detect adverse drug effects by mining medical data. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will make claims data from its Medicare Part D prescription drug program available to the FDA, researchers and others. Although the data will be anonymized, it can be linked to Medicare inpatient and outpatient claims records, enabling researchers to associate drugs and medical devices with their effects on health.
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CCHIT Certification for Ambulatory Electronic Health Records

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CCHIT CertificationCCHIT has published the following CCHIT Certified® 08 Ambulatory EHR documents for your review and preparation. The first round of applications for certification under the Ambulatory EHR 08 criteria will be accepted from July 1 to July 14, followed by additional application windows later in the year. The first CCHIT Certified 08 Ambulatory EHR products will be announced in October. Along with its third version of certification for ambulatory EHRs, the Commission is introducing optional, additional certifications for ambulatory EHRs intended for use in Cardiovascular Medicine and Child Health.
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