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Chiropractic Patient Education

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Chiropractic Patient EducationFor those chiropractors who educate patients during lunchtime office presentations 3dRx Insight makes a good presentation absolutely incredible.  Your patients will be impressed, but even  better, they will quickly understand your important message about their health. Use a laptop, consultation computer, or a tablet PC to teach patients about their condition visually so they accept treatment.  3dRx software will allow you to stop an animation, draw specific notes that pertain to the patient and store or print them for convenience.
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The Three T's: How to Successfully Navigate Your EHR Implementation

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Team. Tactics. TechnologyTeam. Tactics. Technology, the key dos and don'ts of implementation are organized into these three categories. Team refers to people and organizational issues, tactics to specific techniques and choices made in design and setup, and technology to the software, hardware and network choices you will make. Many implementation issues are common to large and small practices alike. Yet large practices, perhaps due to their complexity, tend to suffer more from team issues, and small practices, perhaps due to their more limited resources and experience, tend to falter when it comes to technology issues. Any size practice can crash and burn when it comes to tactics.
Some electronic health record (EHR) implementations proceed on schedule with full involvement of their participants and achieve their goals. Others flounder, stall or struggle, experiencing only partial success or, in extreme cases, no success at all.

What accounts for the difference? Is it a problem with the people, the process or the EHR product? How are large-practice implementations different than small-practice ones? How can you fortify yourself against failure and plan for success? Keep reading for some answers....

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Electronic Health Records Demonstration

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CMS is developing a new demonstration initiative that aims to reward delivery of high-quality care supported by the adoption and use of electronic health records in physician practices. This initiative expands upon the foundation created by the Medicare Care Management Performance (MCMP) Demonstration. The goal of this 5-year demonstration is to foster the implementation and adoption of EHRs and health information technology (HIT) more broadly as effective vehicles not only to improve the quality of care provided, but also to transform the way medicine is practiced and delivered.
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Compatibility Problems Hit RFID Healthcare Applications

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RFID Healthcare ApplicationsSome of the UK’s leading experts in location technologies confirmed this week that applications such as RFID in hospitals are already improving the efficiency and quality of patient care. But they also warn that compatibility problems between hardware and software applications, and a lack of joined up thinking from technology companies mean that the NHS is not benefiting as much as it could. A report from Wireless Healthcare UK explores theses fears.
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Performance Measures Using Electronic Health Records: Five Case Studies

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commonwealth fundThe emergence of the electronic health record (EHR), also termed the electronic medical record, has made new indicators of quality and safety both necessary and feasible. By developing appropriate indicators now, we can integrate them into evolving EHR systems early on rather than try to add them after the fact—a much more difficult task. This report, from the commonwealth fund, examines the experiences of five provider organizations in developing, testing, and implementing such indicators, based on data collected from their EHR systems.
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The BioWindows? Cancer Analysis and Prevention Project

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Iris BioTechnologiesIris BioTechnologies is launching BioWindows™, a diagnostic and prognostic system that determines the most appropriate therapy based on genomic, family history and extensive lifestyle information for the major diseases affecting the industrialized world. Scientists are providing the genes involved in disease and Iris is providing the technologies to quickly and accurately interpret the genes behaviors.

21st Century medicine needs a major overhaul to meet our needs but the system needs our help. Disease is a result of the interaction of our genome and the environment that surrounds it - Nature and Nurture. Without good, solid information about your personal environment physicians are less effective in delivering care especially when it comes to the many varieties of cancer. Our technology will deliver the genome but you will need to personally deliver the rest.


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Consent management solutions for EMR / EHR / PHR....

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Consent management solutionsIBM and HIPAAT, have partnered to offer a consent management solution designed to put privacy back into the hands of the patient. The IBM-HIPAAT collaboration extends patient-driven privacy to Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records, Personal Health Records and Health Information Exchanges.
The companies are integrating HIPAAT's Privacy eSuite software - based on Service Oriented Architecture - with IBM's SOA Foundation for joint projects. The IBM SOA Foundation supports IBM's global healthcare strategy, which is based on the adoption of an asset-based, interoperable SOA approach and the use of open standards and standards-based EHRs to ensure secure and private exchanges of records between authorized healthcare services and benefits organizations.
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Identity thieves prey on patients' medical records

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Identity thievesDoctors' offices, clinics and hospitals are a fruitful hunting ground for identity thieves, who are using increasingly sophisticated methods to steal patient information, lawyers and privacy experts say. Recent disclosures that hospital workers snooped into the medical files of Maria Shriver, Britney Spears and George Clooney highlight the vulnerability of patients to the merely curious and the criminal.
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Patient Journey Demonstrator

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Patient Journey The Microsoft Health Common User Interface (MSCUI) Patient Journey Demonstrator is a vehicle for Microsoft thought leadership in state-of-the-art User Experience for Healthcare applications. It provides exemplar implementations of Microsoft Common User Interface guidance on a Microsoft platform.
It is a showcase for new ideas, experimentation and an artefact for learning and thinking about future developments of the MSCUI program.
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GIDEON, a global infectious disease knowledge management tool.

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GIDEONGIDEON is the world's premier global infectious disease knowledge management tool. GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network) is an easy to use, interactive and comprehensive web based tool that helps you overcome information overload while saving you time through quick access to a vast knowledge database. GIDEON is used for diagnosis and reference in the fields of tropical and infectious diseases, epidemiology, microbiology and antimicrobial chemotherapy.
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