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MIM iPhone Application: A new multi-modality imaging application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch

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MIM iPhone ApplicationThis innovative software allows a referring physician or patient to view medical images remotely, without being tied to an imaging workstation. The MIM iPhone Application provides multi-planar reconstruction of data sets from modalities including CT, PET, MRI and SPECT, as well as multi-modality image fusion. Using the multi-touch interface, users can change image sets and planes; adjust zoom, fusion blending, and window/level.
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Tiny ECG Primer

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ECG PrimerThis project is for detecting human ECG (Electrocardiogram, or EKG). A tiny amplifier is embedded (<1mA). The on-chip Timer, ADC and DMA (double buffering) are used for getting ECG data. An IIR filter and hardware LCD scrolling are used for ECG rendering. User can simply touch the Primer by 2 hands, his/her ECG trace is scrolling alive on the LCD screen. The instant heart rate is displayed with beep sound and LED flashing. The device also delivers and displays the ECG on a PC through the USB cable.
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ECG-on-a-chipFreescale Semiconductor and Monebo Technologies announced a partnership to deliver a comprehensive platform solution for medical equipment using electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. The “ECG-on-a-chip” solution combines Monebo’s Kinetic™ ECG software with Freescale’s embedded processing technology to enable medical equipment manufacturers to develop easy-to-use ECG monitoring tools.
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Healthcare professional's search engine

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Spot HealthcareSpot Healthcare is a search engine that delivers content from thousands of industry-related websites - providing the most relevant search results. Spot Healthcare is part of KnowledgeStorm's property. KnowledgeStorm is the Internet's top-ranked search resource for technology solutions and information. they give technology vendors the most opportunities to reach business and technology professionals conducting research on the Internet and convert them into Web leads. That being said, the only thing remaining is for you to go give it a try...

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Ochsner Clinic, a success story...

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Ochsner Clinic, a success story...The Ochsner Clinic opened its doors in 1942 and remained a New Orleans specialty-based practice for more than 40 years. During that time, each patient had just one medical record to which all physicians contributed. In those early years, patients’ complete clinic records accompanied them to their appointments, and care providers had ready access to everything known about them. By the early 1980s, the clinic had grown to more than 350 physicians, primary care neighborhood clinics were developed in New Orleans, and a multi-specialty practice was established in Baton Rouge. Suddenly patients might have their medical record broken into pieces — a different piece in each clinic where they were seen.
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May be an EMR that looks very different from current paper or electronic systems.

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EMR CLICKS“Clicking takes much longer than flipping.” And that is why electronic medical records should be redesigned to be more efficient. EMR systems do not take full advantage of the organizational functionalities, search proficiencies, or visual capabilities of computers. Doctors are comfortable with paper charts, because they can be reviewed so easily. Lab results, for instance, are often printed and clipped to a paper chart, so the physician can quickly review the results and look at the last note or compare them to old results by simply flipping through a few pages. “A lot of analysis and scanning is going on during this process, but it is all at virtual speed in the physician’s brain,”. The physician finishes the review by initialing the front page of the results, writing or stamping an interpretation on it, and putting it into an outbox for an assistant to complete and file.
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SurgyTec: Gain by sharing

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SurgyTec: Gain by sharingSurgyTec is all about the philosophy 'gain by sharing'. Share your best with the community and you will get unexpected feed back. Hard comments, sincere followers agreeing with you, strong opponents knowing better. And than you are offered the possibility to improve your message, perhaps even your technique itself, making the patient benefit. That is the idea. So start sharing.
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EHRs and the Smaller-to-Medium Size Practice

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EHRs WorkflowThe market is flooded with EHR products, but what physicians in small- and medium-sized offices are truly looking for is not just software that provides a charting solution, but a cost-effective product that manages their day. Physicians want a solution that automates their office while enabling consistent high quality care and increasing patient loads - but does not dramatically disrupt workflow. They are not interested in technology per-se, but a practical and affordable solution to everyday practice problems.  Fortunately, more EHR products today are being designed with these goals in mind and the smaller-to-medium sized practice, and more importantly, its patients all stand to benefit.

A nice article by Jack Smyth, President and CEO of Spring Medical....

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Visual control system saves nurses an hour per day.

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McKessonHealthcare IT solutions and services specialists, McKesson, launched Horizon Enterprise Visibility; the first visual control system designed specifically for hospitals. The ‘whiteboard-style’ system provides real-time visibility of room availability, patient location and the current status of a patient’s treatment creating more time for patient care by all members of the healthcare team. The proven benefits of Horizon Enterprise Visibility have shown a saving of one hour per nurse per shift per day by a saving of up to 7-10 phone calls and 3-4 wasted logins to various information systems per day. There was also a reduction in capacity problems by speeding up the bed turnaround process.
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OR-Live: Live and On-Demand Medical Healthcasts

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OR-Live: Live and On-Demand Medical HealthcastsOR-Live features live and on-demand Webcasts of breakthrough medical procedures from world renown medical centers and hospitals. OR-Live, Inc. is an Internet Broadcasting company which creates live and on-demand video-based communications solutions for clients in the healthcare industry. OR-Live, Inc. has a high level of expertise in the healthcare field which has been showcased in its work for hospitals, allied health professionals, equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.
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