Welsh Use Web to Access Health Information


Two thirds of people in Wales use the internet to access health information, according to a new survey.
A study by Informing Healthcare found that the web was the preferred method of sourcing medical information for Welsh adults.

Recent years have seen the number of computer owners and internet users surge, making accessing health information online significantly more popular. Some 84 per cent of the PricewaterhouseCoopers-commissioned survey said they have access to a computer, while a further 78 per cent have internet access.

Of those with computer and internet access, 66 per cent said they use their online resources to access health information.

And even a quarter of those who do not have internet access said they would gain online health information through someone else.

"This is commanding news for the Welsh Assembly Government and the Informing Healthcare Programme. The survey findings suggest that there is considerable demand within Wales for health information online," commented Daniel Warm, research and evaluation manager at Informing Healthcare.

He added: "With the majority of people now accessing the internet over a broadband connection, this online demand is predicted to increase further over the short to medium term."