Materials Management ( Purchasing )


The module is required to provide support and effective control for purchasing, inventory, and distribution of all supplies and services. The system is required to track materials from purchase through disposition.
Materials Management module should help control and manage inventory, supplies , and equipment throughout the Hospital.
It should help facilitate the purchasing and receiving of supplies, manage equipment maintenance , and maintains contract information.

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Materials Management ( Purchasing )

The module is required to provide support and effective control for purchasing, inventory, and distribution of all supplies and services. The system is required to track materials from purchase through disposition.
Materials Management module should help control and manage inventory, supplies , and equipment throughout the Hospital.
It should help facilitate the purchasing and receiving of supplies, manage equipment maintenance , and maintains contract information.

>>> General
1   Achieve optimal stock levels to avoid stock-outs and overstocking
2   Increase cash flow through improved turnover
3   Monitor vendor performance through monitoring of backorders and open purchase orders
4   Take advantage of changing market conditions and arrange the best possible purchase agreements
5   Order supplies and equipment electronically
6   Store and retrieve purchase order information from archival storage
7   Interface with Pharmacy application
8   Web enabled facility for ordering of goods
9   Support contract management routines including bid analysis
10   Accommodate consignment purchases
11   Provide data and functional integration among purchasing, receiving, inventory, and accounts payable module.
12   Provide inventory control functions for stock and non-stock items
13   Maintain current inventory quantities in real time when items are issued, returned, received or transferred
14   Track and report on separate inventories in multiple locations
15   Provide text comment field for notes on each item
16   Allow items to be defined as patient chargeable or department chargeable
17   Support entry of charges and credits for items used ( or not used ) by patients from Patient A/R , floor , or exchange cart.
18   Track and report trends for item usage
19   Ability to handle direct purchases , with standing purchase order

>>> Vendor Data
20   Vendor number
21   Vendor Category
22   Vendor Government registration number
23   Name and Contact Person
24   Order From Address
25   Supplier coordinates ( ex: email , telephone , fax..)
26   Summary of Items and categories
27   Supplier status ( inactive , on hold , ..)
28   Free Text additional information

>>> Items
29   Items types ( ex: stock , service , general )
30   Items categories ( ex: food , medical , equipment , supplies , .. )
31   Item number
32   Description and Specification
33   Unit of measure
34   Suppliers credentials
35   Special Handling
36   Pricing information ( ex: target price , last invoiced , average , … )
37   Minimum and maximum order quantity
38   Re-order quantity
39   Item status ( for stock items )
40   Allow conversion of units of measure
41   Allow for pricing information from different sources , by currency

>>> Purchasing Management
42   Define buyers
43   Assign general purchasing items categories to buyers

>>> Requisitions
44   Ability to maintain purchase requisitions for both inventoried and non-inventoried items, enabling users to process and track all requisitions.
45   Distributed departmental requisitioning with automatic PO generation from approved requisitions
46   Multiple requisitions statuses ( ex: open, closed , canceled , working , verified, pending approval)
47   Online inquiry of the current receipt status for any purchase requisitions
48   Requisition activity report that displays the relationship between acquisition line items and PO line items ( including receipt status )
49   Requisitions lists provided in summary and detail formats by number of departments
50   Allow departments to order supplies online and print requisitions at inventory locations
51   Support online entry and processing of purchase requisitions
52   Enter approval hierarchy structure based on employees roles and responsibilities
53   Route documents via the approval hierarchy structure ( allow override )
54   Requisition data to include :- Requisition Number ( user-defined , or system generation )
55   Requisition data to include :- Requestor Name and Department and Account Number
56   Requisition data to include :- Last access date
57   Requisition data to include :- Required Item ( consult catalogue , or generic item definition )
58   Requisition data to include :- Descriptions
59   Requisition data to include :- Quantity
60   Requisition data to include :- Estimated amounts
61   Requisition data to include :- Required by date
62   Requisition data to include :- Suggested supplier ( optional )
63   Requisition data to include :- Accounting Distribution ( more than one )
64   Requisition data to include :- Account distribution to default from Item ( where possible )
65   Requisition data to include :- Free Text comments
66   Requisition data to include :- Allow for multiple accounting distributions per item
67   Requisition data to include :- Ability to define approvals by requisition amount
68   Requisitions processing to include :- Approvals
69   Requisitions processing to include :- Assignment to buyers

>>> Quotations
70   Allow creation of Request for Quotations ( RFQ )
71   Ability to consolidate items from multiple requisitions for RFQ
72   Request for Quotation data to include:- RFQ number
73   Request for Quotation data to include:- Creation Date
74   Request for Quotation data to include:- Due date
75   Request for Quotation data to include:- Quantities breakdown
76   Request for Quotation data to include:- Items
77   Request for Quotation data to include:- Terms and Conditions
78   Request for Quotation data to include:- Free text comments
79   Request for Quotation data to include:- Consolidated RFQ print by supplier
80   Allow quotations to be created manually
81   Quotation received , expiry and due date
82   Supplier reference
83   Payment terms and conditions
84   Multiple prices for same item
85   Quotation processing :- Allow online approval of chosen quotation
86   Quotation processing :- Record justification for chosen quotation
87   Quotation processing :- Free text notes
88   Quotation processing :- Automatically turn accepted quotations to purchase orders

>>> Purchase Order Management
89   Purchase Order information :- Purchase Order Number ( automatic sequence number , with ability to override )
90   Purchase Order information :- Vendor Number , Name, contacts and terms
91   Purchase Order information :- Order dates ( creation date )
92   Purchase Order information :- Shipping agency
93   Purchase Order information :- Expected delivery dates
94   Purchase Order information :- Shipping point
95   Purchase Order information :- Delivery location and date
96   Purchase Order information :- Free text comments
97   Purchase Order information :- Line items such as ordering department, item number and description, quantity ordered, packaging information, and the cost per unit
98   Purchase Order information :- Terms and conditions
99   Purchase Order information :- Account distribution ( more than one )
100   Individual statuses for purchase orders ( ex: open , closed , canceled , backorder , etc..)
101   Hospital-defined PO formats
102   Multifacility environments with POs accommodating different ship-to and remit-to address details
103   Capability to include inventoried and non-inventoried items on the same PO to facilitate online receiving
104   Capability to combine identical items for different inventories and departments on a single order
105   Automatic generation of purchase orders for items at or below their minimum reorder points and non-stock items ordered via department purchase requisitions
106   Ability to generate ‘standing’ and ‘blanket’ POs at user defined intervals
107   Online invoice reconciliation of POs and Accounts Payable invoices
108   Capability of entering a trade-in on a capital PO
109   Provide purchase order generation and tracking functions for stock and non-stock items
110   Edit purchase order data entry for valid vendor numbers and account codes
111   Support automatic assignment of purchase order numbers
112   Provide audit trail of changes made to purchase orders
113   Consolidate items requested from multiple departments for one vendor on one purchase order
114   Support blanket purchase orders with amounts or quantity limits ( and dates )
115   Store closed purchase order line item detail in history file for past 12 months
116   Support electronic purchasing , sending purchase order via fax , internet , email to suppliers’ computers
117   Automatic Requisition-to-PO
118   Automatic quotation to PO
119   Direct Standard
120   Contract PO ( reference a contract , with validity date )
121   Blanket Order
122   Prevent PO from being raised for a supplier who is in-active or on hold
123   Allow changes to PO for open lines
124   Allow cancellation o PO open lines
125   Allow manual closing of PO lines
126   Allow automatic creation for CIF , FOB , .. for selected items

>>> Receiving Management
127   Capability to handle blind receiving, receiving by exception, or item-by-item receiving
128   Automatic update of quantity on hand upon posting receipts of inventoried items
129   Support online receiving at point of receipt
130   Support automatic online reconciliation of receipts to purchase order by line item
131   Allow ‘one-keystroke’ online receipt if all line items and ordered quantities on PO are received
132   Account for extra quantity receiving ( ex: packaging or donations )
133   Print receipt slips
134   Hide ordered Items quantities from receipt management
135   Four way matching to authorize payment ( order , receipt , inspection , invoice )
136   Allow for receiving of donated amounts , difference of UOM
137   Allow for returns , with control and reason
138   Allow multiple receiving locations to be defined
139   Allow goods to be received against individual PO lines
140   Receipt details to include :- Receipt number ( automatic sequential number , with override possibility )
141   Receipt details to include :- Receipt Date
142   Receipt details to include :- Vendor packing slip number ( optional )
143   Receipt details to include :- Receiving location
144   Receipt details to include :- Items received
145   Receipt details to include :- UOM
146   Receipt details to include :- Quantity received
147   Receipt details to include :- Reference PO number and line
148   Receipt processing :- On logging receipts , reduce the outstanding PO line quantity by quantity of items received
149   Receipt processing :- For goods failing inspection, provide option to hold payment to vendor
150   Receipt processing :- Allow tolerances to be defined ( at item and purchase order levels ) for receipt: quantity, on-time delivery, and receiving location, with purchase order tolerance over-riding item level tolerance
151   Receipt processing :- Set options to :ignore, warn the user, or reject transactions that are outside the tolerances
152   Receipt processing :- For goods failing inspection, provide facility to return goods to supplier
153   Receipt processing :- Record quantity of returned goods and reason for return

>>> Inventory Control
Provide inventory control record activity , such as issues, returns, adjustments, transfers and purchase order history , and provide both report and inquiry capabilities to help users monitor current stock levels.
154   Online department requisition
155   Replenishments for par level inventories
156   Surgical case carts with patient charging capabilities
157   Unlimited inventories including off-site warehouses, floor stocks, par levels, and exchange carts
158   Tracking of transfers from bulk storage
159   Identification of inventoried items by their item numbers, stock numbers, descriptions, colloquial names, or partial names
160   Inventory valuation using either Average Cost (AVG) , First in/First out (FIFO), or Last in/First Out (LIFO) methods
161   Online inquiries that display information on receipts, issues, returns, adjustments, transfers, purchase order histories, or current inventory breakdowns
162   Capability to record issues and returns of inventoried items for both patients and hospital departments
163   Automatic calculation of Economic Order Quantities (EOQs), minimum reorder points , and safety stock levels
164   Automatic update of quantities on hand
165   Communication of patient issues and charges to Billing / Accounts Receivable modules
166   Integration with General Ledger module for departmental expensing and inventory valuation
167   Identification and management of critical inventory items
168   Audit trail for the item dictionary
169   Asset tag/serial numbers for all purchase order types
170   Support conversion from units of purchase to units of issue
171   Print bin location labels
172   Support PAR level and/or cart exchange distribution
173   Allow adjustments to inventory based on physical inventory counts
174   Provide audit trail of all adjustments to inventory with reason for adjustments
175   Track item shelf life based on purchase or expiration date and print item obsolescence report
176   Cater for donated items

>>> Bar Code Capabilities
The Materials Management Module should be equipped with bar code reading capabilities. Handheld terminals , or terminal-attached bar code readers, retrieve data to be transmitted to the Materials Management module for processing. Users generate and read bar code labels when taking inventory and charging items against patient accounts.
177   Print bar code labels for order entry, bin locations, and other needs
178   Support bar code reader devises for data collection ( ex: for charge tickets )

>>> Queries
179   Online inquiry of any PO in either summary or detail format
180   Single inquiry viewing of receipt and PO information
181   Support online inquiry into item status of quantities on hand and on order
182   Allow online inquiry into item usage history by department for past 12 months
183   Provide online inquiry into item distribution history ( ex: for borrowing if item is out of stock )
184   Provide online inquiry into purchase order status by vendor name
185   Provide online inquiry into all purchase orders for a particular item
186   Allow for graphical representation of stock at various levels
187   Requisitions Inquiries
188   Quotations
189   Receipts
190   Summaries on items
191   Statistics by Buyers, Items , Vendors

>>> Reports
192   Purchasing and receiving reports :- Vendor performance report
193   Purchasing and receiving reports :- Cost change report
194   Purchasing and receiving reports :- Buyer activity report
195   Purchasing and receiving reports :- Department activity report
196   Inventory control reports :- Daily department usage report
197   Inventory control reports :- Lost charges report
198   Inventory control reports :- Stock status report
199   Inventory control reports :- Physical inventory worksheet
200   Inventory control reports :- Physical inventory comparison report
201   Inventory control reports :- Optimization report
202   Inventory control reports :- Slow moving items report
203   Inventory control reports :- Print pick lists for stock items, exchange carts or PAR level
204   Inventory control reports :- Print detail vendor analysis report of items purchased, amount values ( in multiple currencies ) with summary by category
205   Inventory control reports :- Print reorder report for stock below reorder point
206   Inventory control reports :- Print list of past due unfilled requisitions on demand
207   Inventory control reports :- Print report of items for which most recent cost has increased over a user-defined percentage
208   Inventory control reports :- Print stock status report on demand
209   Inventory control reports :- Print stock usage report of past 12 months and YTD showing quantities and amount ( by currency ) volume of item and department
210   Print amount ( by currency ) volume analysis report for stock and non-stock items
211   Print inventory catalog of stock items by item number or name within a category
212   Print physical inventory worksheets by location and bin location
213   Print out-of-stock items report
214   Print daily receipts report
215   Print receipt exception report of variances from PO in item number, quantity, or units of measure
216   Print open purchase order report ( open to receiving , open to invoicing )
217   Track back orders and print back order status report with due dates
218   Print purchase summary report by cost center showing stock and non-stock item purchases ( monthly and YTD)
219   Print purchasing report by vendor of item usage, quantities on order, and inventory balance
220   Print vendor performance report of back orders, missed deliveries, etc…
221   Supplier information :- Supplier item summary
222   Supplier information :- Supplier value ranking
223   Supplier information :- Supplier penalty ranking
224   Supplier information :- Supplier rating by item price
225   Supplier information :- Supplier quality performance
226   Supplier information :- Supplier deliver lead-time performance
227   Supplier information :- Supplier delivery quantity performance
228   Supplier information :- Supplier overall performance rating
229   Items details and pricing
230   Requisitions listing
231   Purchase status report by account distribution
232   Purchase status report by buyer
233   Request for quotation
234   Quotation comparison sheets
235   Customized Purchase Order
236   Variation orders for contract type PO
237   Receipt form
238   Receipts register

>>> CSSD
239   Receipt of items to be sterilized
240   Issue of sterilized items
241   Maintain autoclave schedule
242   Record of discarded and broken items
243   Ability to print daily and monthly registers

>>> Integration
244   Accounts Payable
245   General Ledger
246   Fixed Assets
247   Maintenance System
248   Patient Billing

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