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Clinical Terminology

A clinical terminology is a structured list of terms for use in clinical practice. These terms describe the care and treatment of patients and cover areas like diseases, operations, treatments, drugs, and healthcare administration.

Medical classification, or medical coding, is the process of transforming descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures into universal medical code numbers. Diagnosis codes are used to track diseases, whether they are everyday diseases such as diabetes mellitus and heart disease, to contagious diseases such as norovirus, the flu, and athlete's foot. These diagnosis and procedure codes are also used by health insurance companies and workers' compensation carriers.

Medical classification systems are used for a variety of applications in medicine and medical informatics

    * statistical analysis of diseases and therapeutic actions
    * reimbursement, e.g. based on DRGs
    * knowledge-based and decision support systems
    * direct surveillance of epidemic or pandemic outbreaks

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1 International Classification of Primary Care Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 4983
2 List of Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups Version 5.1 Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 6084
3 AR-DRG Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 8822
4 GALEN Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 6580
5 National Drug Code (NDC) Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 8055
6 The International Classification of Diseases Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 8594
7 Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 20873
8 HCFA Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 6751
9 Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 6158
10 Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 6440
11 DSM Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3661
12 dm+d Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3873
13 SNOMED CT Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3957
14 The importance of a clinical terminology Dr. Hazem El-Oraby 3298

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