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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems

Essentially, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems collect information about physical objects automatically. Because information about tagged objects can be transmitted for multiple objects simultaneously through physical barriers and from a distance, RFID has an advantage compared to reading barcodes that require ‘line-of-sight’ and active user interaction to access the enclosed information. RFID systems exist of three main parts: (1) the tag, which is the identification device attached to the object being tracked, (2) the reader that recognises the presence of a tag and reads and processes the information which is stored on the tag and (3) the antenna, which is part of the communication between tag and reader.

Although the videos in this section don't all relate directly to healthcare, they've been added as a concept the will be soon catching up with the healthcare industry. Many think this technology will have a great impact on the healthcare industry, SOON... 

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6 VeriTrace - VeriChip's Evil Plan for NWO 3682
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8 VeriChip - Patients with Alzheimer's and Diabetes 3447
9 VERICHIP - Patient Feels It Could Save His Life In Emergency 3353
10 VERICHIP - RFID for People Saving Lives Everyday 3484
11 VERICHIP - CNBC - RFID Microchip is Medical Marvel 3194
12 Microchiping the population is not a theory, its a plan! 3278
13 RFID - Watching You 3495
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16 VERICHIP - Tommy Thompson Supports FDA Approved RFID chip 3708
17 Microchip Implants: Cunning or Creepy? 3274
18 RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification 3340
19 RFID Surgery - RFID Supply Chain Lab 3496
20 Clinton health care plan debunked by Barb Clark, RN 3437
21 FEMA Clinton health care plan soaks the poor with RFID chips 3468
22 RFID: The future begins now! 3338
23 Pushing RFID chip as healthcare 3182
24 My RFID Chip being inserted 3455
25 RFID CHIPS 3311
26 What is RFID? 3347
27 RFID Demonstration 3346
28 The future of RFID 3199
29 How RFID works 3313
30 RFID - Technology Video 3284

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